Here's what people are already saying about Unbelievable.


"A big heart does a writer no good unless they can find a way to bleed onto the page. Luckily, Ryan Sanders doesn't hold back. If you want a heartless book filled with logical, linear arguments, ask your mom to hunt for one of your old math texts from your school days. But if you want a book brimming with passion for the faith-filled life, try Unbelievable instead. I dare you not to enjoy this heartfelt book."


"Unbelievable offers a fresh and engaging way to share your faith with others in a manner that challenges and illuminates. Ryan Sanders helps introduce the good news of Jesus to a new generation." 


“Like a fish imagining life without water, it’s hard as a person of faith to imagine not trusting the accounts in the Bible. But for a rapidly growing number of Americans, the plausibility of the Biblical record as history simply doesn’t exist, making the sharing of faith different than in decades past. Ryan Sanders has captured the dilemma and the solution with a fresh and gracious approach to engaging non-believers in the greatest story ever told.”


“What a creative invitation to re-hear the jarringly creative story of God. Unbelievable pulls back the curtain covering the truth of the biblical story, a truth that is easily overlooked because we think we already know it. Read this! And let God’s grand story shock you again (or maybe the first time).”


“With passion and a fresh voice, Unbelievable offers us an opportunity: to be recaptured by the beauty and brilliance of the story of God. What Christians see from the inside with familiarity, the world sees from the outside with skepticism. This book is a place where we can meet in the middle and rediscover the Good News.”


“Ryan Sanders’s new book, Unbelievable, is a creative new Christian apologetic that defangs the skeptics’ scoff that the stories of the Bible are unbelievable by amiably admitting that, yes they are! But scientific unbelievability does not necessarily mean a story is untrue, especially when that story is the one story which every great novel and movie and fairy tale of every great civilization in history retells! Rather, Ryan reintroduces us to “the Fairy Tale Gospel”, a story so beautiful that we cannot resist it because it is the ultimate myth come true and therefore the only story really worth believing. Please read Unbelievable, especially if you an unbeliever! You’ll find that it appeals to your intellect, but also to a part of you far deeper and more profound than mere intellect. It appeals to your heart a la Ecclesiastes 3:11.”


 “Do you telepathically communicate with a zombie Jew-God? That’s not how most of us conceive of our faith, but sometimes we need a reminder of how odd it all sounds the first time around. With fresh wit and ample imagination, Sanders retells the Christian story showing that it isn’t as easy on the modern mind as we might think, but that its very unbelievability is what makes our story so compelling… and maybe even life changing.”